Lakewood Elementary CO leak exposes other problems

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DALLAS – Parents at Lakewood Elementary are peeved. Dozens showed up Friday to demand a makeover for their dilapidated school, which is almost 65 years old.

Parents say there are plenty of problems and that upgrades are long overdue. When the school was built back in 1951, there were around 550 students. Now there are more than 800.

Lakewood landed in the spotlight earlier this week. The entire school had to be evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak. More than a dozen students and teachers got sick.

The culprit turned out to be the boiler; officials say it’s fixed now. They’ve installed a carbon monoxide detector that will shut the boiler off in case things get toxic again.

It looks like this close call could have a silver lining. Parents have already raised more than half a million dollars and they’re lobbying DISD for millions more.

Looks like this old schoolhouse is finally about to get the extreme makeover it needs.