I’m pregnant and Google says so

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This lousy weather had me under the weather recently.

I had a 'stomach thing,' so I did what so many of you do: Searched Google.  If I believed what came-up, I would be pregnant!

Yep, had all the symptoms.

A trip to the doctor, though,  obviously meant a different diagnosis, but my 'condition' reminded me how it’s possible for someone to believe things you see online, despite what science tells us.

Think about global warming, vaccines, moon landings, and September 11.  There is enough evidence out there to win a debate that ice is melting and shots prevent illness—yet all it takes is a few Google searches for someone to believe otherwise.

If you are on the fence about some of these things, do yourself a favor and go to the library to do some research. Sometimes, it’s better to read a book instead of a blog.

You better get there quick, because the way things are going, there could be a time when someone suggests libraries never existed.