Bedford butcher carves his way to $20,000

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BEDFORD, TX - A cut above, that's how many describe Alex Marroquin. This butcher is behind the great cuts of meat at the Texas Roadhouse in Bedford. But it's his fast carving skills that are earning him some meaty recognition.

Hey, Marroquin is serving up some real competition. Last week he proved to be a Grade-A competitor on his way to a beefy $20,000.

"Yeah, I’m so excited. This is my first time. So happy," Marroquin said.

After staking out his competitors at the A1 National Meat Cutting Challenge in Orlando, he now moves on to compete in the Texas Roadhouse National Conference in April.

He meets the final round with nine of the best butchers in the U.S.

"Everybody's like you're the best, you're number one," said Marroquin.

So, what will he do if he brings home this beefy prize?

"Support my family and maybe saving for my baby," said Marroquin.

Okay, now were hungry!

Filets, sirloins, or rib eyes, oh my! Whatever your favorite cut is, we're sure Marroquin can serve it up in no time flat.

Here's hoping he carves his way to Meat Cutter of the Year!