Sucky Weather: North Texans sick & tired of crazy winter weather

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MANSFIELD, TX - Okay, show of hands, who is so over this crazy weather?

"We're sick and tired of it now. We were sick and tired of it last week. We're ready for it to stop right now and the sun to come out," said Kevin Bledsoe of Clean Getaway Carwash in Mansfield.

Yeah, let's be honest, this weather straight up sucks! And no one knows that better than folks in the car washing business.

"We've been closed 10 days of the last nine," Bledsoe said.

That's a lot of time off. And with most of their employees paid by the hour, some folks are getting washing out.

"We just encourage them, 'Hey hold on until the weather breaks,' because when the weather breaks up, we'll be real busy for a week or two and try to get them additional hours to offset what they've lost," Bledsoe explained. "But it's real hard to make up all the ground."

Speaking of lost ground, a lot of folks waking up Thursday may be tackling some pretty icy Texas tundra. While car washing businesses have a lot of downtime, TxDOT crews are pulling some serious overtime.

"Right now they're on 12 hour shifts. They will work around the clock, 24/7 until conditions improve," Natalie Galindo with TxDOT said.

A total of 325 TxDOT road warriors will be out in the cold wet weather Wednesday night into Thursday.

But until the sun comes out to stay, the car wash business folks are being left high and dry.

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