Cash or Card? Students learn all about green

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DALLAS - The folks at Capital One and Junior Achievement are helping students learn how to stay out of the red by taking care of their green.

It’s all part of the JA Finance Park.  Wednesday, at Paul Quinn College, students got a play identity and income, then practiced real life stuff budgeting for groceries, keeping the lights on, emergencies, entertainment, even paying for healthcare.

“I found out what my mom had to do and how expensive it was,” 7th grader Alexis Sauri said.

“Everyone applies for a car loan and a home loan, and they may or may not get it,” Jan Murfield, President of Junior Achievement of Dallas explained.  “They have to live in an apartment, take public transit. There are sometimes some kids that get really upset about that, but that’s just how it happens.”

You might wonder what 12-year-olds know about applying for loans.  These kids have been in a 19 lesson course explaining the specifics.

“If you apply for a loan, you can see how much money you’ll get for a car,”  Bethany Garnica explained.

“We’re learning about finances and budgets,” 7th grader Rafay Khan said.

“It’s the money you have in a bank so you can save it,” Sauri added when asked about what he learned.

These are some sharp kids. Goes to show, you can never start too early.

“These kids are having an opportunity a lot of us didn’t. That’s a new concept when you’re 12 years old, to understand making a budget, understand about savings,” Texas State President of Capital One Kent Eastman said.  “Capital One donated 150 iPads.  The paperwork that used to be involved in processing and making decisions, they’re all now doing on iPads.”

Hey, the times are changing.  When’s the last time you remember writing a check?

More than 60% of 18-24 don’t, according to one poll.

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