Made in China: Feds raid California ‘maternity motels’

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IRVINE, CA - Some mothers are apparently coming a long way for a special delivery. Homeland Security and Immigration agents in Southern California raided about 20 buildings called "maternity motels" Tuesday morning.

The Feds say Chinese women pay up to $50,000 for a trip to the U.S. to give birth, that way their babies will be American citizens.

Turns out, that's not illegal. So why the raid?

The Feds say the people who run these joints are committing crimes, like violating zoning laws, not paying hospitals where the babies are born and helping women fake records to get in the country.

"The women were misrepresenting the reason for their travel. They were concealing the fact they were pregnant, and they were coached by the businesses on how to do that," said Claude Arnold, a special agent with ICE.

So, how many babies are really born this way? Some reports say up to 40,000 babies become U.S.citizens every year because of so-called "birth tourism."

People in Southern Cal have even protested outside suspected "maternity motels."

Hey, this brings a whole new meaning to *Made in China.*