Moving On: Mavericks Ready to Put Rondo/Carlisle Beef Behind Them

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DALLAS - Every marriage has a honeymoon period, and it appears that Rajon Rondo and Rick Carlisle`s honeymoon is officially over. Rondo and Carlisle got into a shouting match in Tuesday night`s game against the Raptors.

As a result, Rondo was suspended for the Mavs` next game against the Hawks, a game the Mavs lost by double digits. But, with 22-games to go, the Mavericks currently sit 5th in the West, which isn’t bad until you consider they`re only six games away from falling to the 8th seed, the same spot they ended up in last season.

So are bygones, bygones? Rondo seems to think so, “I think he had some frustration with me and vice versa, communication is definitely key in this situation and we`ve had a couple talks since then and we`re going to move forward.”

Dirk says the team is ready to move on from the incident. “I think whatever needed to be worked out is between them and we`re looking forward to finishing the season strong.”

So it looks like Rondo and Carlisle`s counseling session did some good, but the results on the court will determine whether or not it was a success. They`ll get a chance to prove it Saturday night when they host the Nets.

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