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Borderline Wrong? Mexican Government Condemns Grapvine PD Shooting

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EULESS, TX -- The shooting of a Mexican National by a Grapevine cop last weekend has outraged local activists and the Mexican government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it condemns the shooting and is asking for an exhaustive investigation.

While friends and relatives grieved at the funeral 31-year-old Ruben Garcia Villalpando Thursday, Euless PD announced what they know so far about how he died.

Grapevine PD officer Robert Clark shot Villalpando twice in the chest during a traffic stop on the shoulder of Hwy 121 in Euless. There’s dash cam video of what happened and the family is fighting to have it released.

“His hands were up the whole time,” Fernando Romero said. Romreo is the Brother-in-law of Villalpando. "The police officer used unnecessary violence especially with the language. He could've used tasers, pepper spray, other actions. Not just using a weapon."

Since the shooting took place in their city, Euless PD has taken over the investigation, and they don’t want the dash cam video to be released.

"Releasing the video at this current point in time will exacerbate two problems that we run into with any investigation,” Lt. Eric Starnes of Euless PD said. “The first is the problem of people claiming to see something they did not. The second problem is contamination of fact witnesses that we still have to take statements from."

Euless PD does acknowledge there was foul language used by Officer Clark.

"However, none of the language used has any racial undertones,” Starnes said.

Clark is currently on administrative leave.

A protest is planned for next week in front of the Grapevine PD Headquarters. And if it’s up to the Mexican Consul and Villalpando’s family, this is one incident that won’t be laid to rest.

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