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Shots of Dez? Alleged Dez Bryant ‘Ray Rice-Style’ Video

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DALLAS -- It looks like Cowboy superstar Dez Bryant is in the middle of another controversy. This time it has nothing to do with a catch. It's rumored there's a tape ready for release showing Bryant in a possible domestic violence situation.

And if this past NFL season proved anything, it's that caught on camera video can carry a heavy penalty for an athlete's career. That's why Cowboys fans are currently on edge about what could possibly be on the tape.

Making things even more mysterious? A cryptic message left by Dez on his official Twitter account saying, "I might need to do an exclusive interview about my past life these past 5 years since the world is destined to know."

Uhh, okay, that doesn't sound good.

It's long been rumored the Cowboys haven't signed Dez long term because of what's on that tape. No official word from the Cowboys on all of this.

All we know is the timing is a bit coincidental as Dez is in the middle of contract negotiations. The Cowboys are reportedly leaning towards slapping the franchise tag on Dez, a move that would prevent him from becoming a free agent and guarantee the superstar nearly $13 million next season.

Let's just hope that's the only thing involving Dez and slapping. Yep, this is definitely a situation where he doesn't want to drop the ball.

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