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Alps Out: Grand Prairie Indoor Ski Resort a No-Go

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- Remember those plans for a $215 million indoor ski resort in Grand Prairie surrounded by lots of snow? No, not this small stuff we're too scared to drive in. We're talking 350,000 square feet full of it. Well, hate to break it to you but those plans have officially been snowballed.

Yep, that grand plan to build the nation’s first indoor ski joint, including a Hard Rock Hotel smack dab in the middle of Grand Prairie, has officially been canceled.

According to Grand Prairie's city manager, the developer of the proposed resort "was unable to reach agreement on a site and has withdrawn the project from the city's planning docket."

Hey, let's not get too down in the slopes just yet. There's still a chance the Grand Alps Group will find a happy home for its winter wonderland somewhere in DFW.

Don’t forget the $3.5 billion Fort Worth mega-park that Dream Vision announced earlier this month includes water parks, golf courses, and a ski resort.

Problem is, they don't seem to know exactly where that's going to be built, either.

Hmmm… seems like these guys have a lot of high hopes. The real question is -- are you going to build a ski resort in Texas or nah?!

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