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Verdict Is In: Routh Found Guilty

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UPDATE: Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of capital murder in the killings of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

STEPHENVILLE-After an icy delay on Monday, the sniper trial resumed on Tuesday for its nineth day .

“He never saw it coming” those were powerful words coming from the prosecution`s crime scene expert, saying that Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were shot from behind and didn`t have a shot at defending themselves.

But defense attorneys say Routh didn`t really know what he was doing at the time of the murders, recalling Psychiatrist Dr. Mitchell Dunn to testify that Routh suffered from Schizophrenia.

After both sides rested in their closing arguments; the jury began their deliberations at about 6:30p.m.

The jury`s job now: determine if he`s guilty of both murders or not guilty by reason of insanity.

If he's guilty, Routh will face life in prison. If he's ruled insane Routh, will head to a state mental hospital.

As the prosecutor said earlier, this isn`t a case of who done it, but now that the smoke has cleared it’s up to the jury to decide Routh`s fate.

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