Your Slip Is Showing: Why Walking Like A Penguin Is Safer On Ice

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NORTH TEXAS -- So, The Bangles showed us how to Walk Like An Egyptian and another 80's pop group schooled us on how to Walk The Dinosaur,  but have you ever tried to walk like a penguin? (Okay, technically, it`s more of a waddle.)

So,  why do we have happy feet all of sudden?

Well, according to Info Graphics, our feathered friends down in Antarctica could teach us a few things about how to safely walk (sorry, waddle) on ice!

Think about it:  Normally, when people walk, our weight is split mid-stride...

Courtesy: Info Graphics


...but when you bring ice into the equation, it forces each leg to support the entire weight of your body -- resulting in some of the ugliest and nastiest epic falls.

Hey, even Bambi had a hard time!

So, in order to stay safe out there, you got to think like a penguin.

Courtesy: Info Graphics


Keep your center of gravity over your front leg and ... just… waddle!

Okay, no one ever said you`d actually look cool doing it, but at least you won't bust your tail feathers!

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