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USGS Blames Fracking for Quakes

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IRVING--We've all been wondering, what the frack is causing all the earthquakes in North Texas?

Turns out people all over the country have been asking the same thing.

The folks at the U.S. Geological Survey are supposed to be the experts.

They published an article in the journal Science, saying the quakes are "not the result of a natural process... due to fluid injection associated with... extraction of oil and gas."

Yep ... They blame "deep injection of wastewater."

So that settles it, right?
Well, not if you ask the oil and gas industry.

"I don't think it's particularly helpful because it basically says we've come to a conclusion but we don't have the science to back it up," said Kim Hatfield of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.

"It's more of a policy paper saying you need to respond to it, there has to be some sort of a concerted effort," said Matt Skinner of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

So far, we've learned there is a fault line where all the Irving quakes have happened. But what's really at fault?

Well, any conclusions are still on shaky ground.

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