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Movie Watching WX: Perfect Time To Catch Up On Oscar Movies

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So, this was the perfect day to catch up on all those flicks that won a gold statue at the Oscars, right?

Take "Birdman" for example, it racked up four awards including Best Picture! Yeah, that should really up their ante at the box office.

It`s what folks in show biz call the “Oscar Bump”.

Winning big on Hollywood’s big night can drive up ticket sales and DVD rentals.

Ironically, this ice storm has really set the mood for a movie marathon.

We found some folks who couldn't make it in to work, but somehow managed to make it to the movie theater.

“I’m just catching up on the Kevin Hart comedy and I want to see the American Sniper,” explained Datrick Alloison.

There were people crowded around the Red Box. Oh, and the movie rental store … Yeah, those places still exist!

“Aw, man! After the Academy Awards last night people are trying to get that whole Academy Award experience,” said Movie Trading Company's Assistant Manager, Matt Beery.

Hey! We're not judging.  Ain't nothing wrong with a little Hollywood experience at home!

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