Cold Play: Mesquite Provides Snow Day Fun for Kids

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MESQUITE, Texas—Okay, maybe DFW didn’t look like the movie Snow Day, but folks were definitely calling it one! Hot chocolate, playing in the snow all day, no school!

But while some kids were slipping and sliding out at Flagpole Hill Monday, another group of kids were playing indoors, but for good reason.

“School’s out, but parents still have to work,” Jessica Larson, Marketing Specialist for the City of Mesquite Parks and Recreation, said.

That’s right!  For every gleeful kid who gets a snow day, (or a sleet day) there might be a parent who runs into a problem.  That’s why the City of Mesquite is  providing care for kids up to 8th grade for $16 per child.

“The city found a need for parents that do need to work, so we opened up our recreation center to give children a fun and safe place to come while parents are away at work,” Larson added.

Parents like Grant Dodson’s mom—who works as a nurse.

“My mom goes to the hospital,” Grant said.

But while the moms are away, the kids will play!

“I’m building a backyard and a one-story house,” Payton Larson said while stacking Jenga blocks.

“I’m painting,” Luke Larson said as he held his painting.  “These are two angry dragons.”

“I have some kids that have been here, and they are so excited,” Jessica Larson added.

If schools are closed Tuesday, Dunford Recreation center will be open from 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Snow worries, parents!

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