Storm Watch: National Weather Service Preps for Ice Storm

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Fort Worth, TX- With a potential ice-mageddon closing in on North Texas, the experts at the National Weather service in Forth Worth know it`s game time.

“This is why we got in the business,” meteorologist Mark Fox said.

Fox and a team of weather experts, are the guys behind the information; tracking the storm's every move, letting us know just how bad it's going to get on our roads, airports, and yes -- their input helps schools determine if they'll open or close.

“Were talking to local emergency crews making sure everybody is prepared for what is coming in,” Fox explained. “Hopefully, we can make some good decisions that will help save peoples lives.”

That’s a lot of responsibility. But, it's nothing these guys don`t deal with on a regular basis; this is Texas, and the weather here is unpredictable at best.

“This is probably like a regular season football game maybe a playoff game,” Fox said. “A couple years ago when we had multiple super cell tornadoes on the ground in Dallas and Fort Worth -- that was the Super Bowl.”

Like Tony Romo finding Dez Bryant in double coverage, meteorologists use their own playbook, and call the audibles that will keep everyone safe.