Ice Advice: What Not to do When Driving on Ice

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NORTH TEXAS -- Okay, friends – it’s time again for a crash course on what not to do when driving on icy roads.

Yeah, we all know that sleet and streets don’t mix. So, just to make sure we’re all on track, let’s test your street smarts.

Question One: True or False – Accidents and injuries are much higher during freezing rain conditions than any other winter weather event?

“I would say that’s true,” driver Johnathan Rosenfield said. That's correct.

Question Two: What’s the fastest speed you should ever drive on ice?

“Uh…30 miles per hour?” Rosenfield guessed.

Try 45mph, or slower. Yeah, the folks over at say slow and steady is key to being a road warrior on ice.

Question Three: You can make your own deicer by mixing water and what common household item? says either salt, vinegar or rubbing alcohol, mixed with water will help deice your windshield. Just don’t pour hot water on your windows, unless you want to buy a new one.

So, there you go folks -- just remember, if you find yourself caught in the icy mess – don’t slam on your breaks; and if you start to slide, turn your wheel in the same direction that the back-end of your car is sliding.

Be safe out there.