Girls Ignite! Texas Conference Inspire Students How To Be Future Leaders

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Move over Hilary Clinton, America's next future, female leader could be among a group of local, young women.

The group of talented women got their head start in politics at the Ignite Change Conference in Fort Worth.

Local elected leaders gathered at Texas Wesleyan University, to show the 14 to 22-year-old students the ins and outs of the political world.

“Maybe 12% of elected officials are actually women and we make up 52% of population in America. We need to be represented and we need to let the young generation know that they are impactful," explained conference volunteer Sydney Tilger.

For students like Misaki Collins, getting this type of push puts her one step closer to turning her dreams into reality.

“I would always watch CNN with [my dad] and that definitely got me interested at a younger age but this really just solidified me majoring in political science,” said Collins.

These girls put action behind the phrase girl power.

“Just because they're a woman doesn't mean they can’t do it," added Tilger. "They are the next generation if they don't do it who will?"

Who knows, someone in the group just might be our first female president.

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