T-Shirt Target: Open Carry T-Shirts Come With Warning

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GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Annoying as the fashion police can be, violators usually don`t have to worry about being met with deadly force.

But one shirt has changed all of that.

It's being called the Open Carry T-shirt because it features an image of a gun in a holster.

Let`s just say it`s a dead giveaway that you`re the type who shoots straight from the hip.

The latest in firearm chic is being sold online by Colorado-based Nitelife Promotions. They describe the shirts as being “a real conversation starter,” but they could also be a real life ender.

How many t-shirt websites include a warning that cops may mistake the fake gun you're packing for a real one, resulting in injury or even death? Now that's a wardrobe malfunction.

The shirts have gained popular support since gun control laws are now the talk of Texas. Openly carrying handguns is still illegal in the Lone Star State, but our new governor, Greg Abbott, has already announced if the bill makes it to his desk he will sign a law that makes Texas the 45th state to allow open carry of handguns. You read that correctly, 44 other states already allow open carry of handguns.

Meanwhile, if you decide to sport the open carry shirt be careful; don't let the tee turn you into a target.

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