Yarn Bombers: Warming Heads & Hearts of Needy Across DFW

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DALLAS -- Baby, it's cold outside! Temps have been near freezing this week. It makes you just want to stay inside. But as we know, being inside is not an option for some people.

Living on the streets can be a cold, lonely existence. And when it comes to the homeless, we know so many of you could be on both sides of the fence when it comes to helping them out, but you may have noticed some Dallas area fences are helping the problem -- one scarf at a time.

It's called Yarn Bombing.

It may look like a crafty new prank or art exhibit, but the idea is simple. Volunteers knit this stuff and leave it in places like parks and libraries.

There was a big Yarn Bomb last weekend. Hey, wasn't it nearly 80 degrees?

This could become an annual thing each winter. And in a world where a fence can tell you so many things, this charity is also a sign of the times.

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