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American Sniper Trial: Prosecution Falters, Rests Its Case

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STEPHENVILLE, TX — We’re at the halfway point of the American Sniper Trial. Prosecutors rested their case against Eddie Ray Routh. But a slip-up on rouththeir part could have changed everything.

D.A. Alan Nash has to plead his case to the judge, admitting that some of the drug evidence that we saw last week came from a lab and not from Routh’s house.

Routh’s lawyer called for a mistrial. The judge turned down that request and instead made the prosecutor and a witness explain it all to the jury.

When defense lawyers took over, they brought out Routh’s mother. She’s the one who asked Chris Kyle to help her son.

Chris Kyle

Jodi Routh said her son wasn’t himself after serving in the military. She said he threatened to kill himself and his family and was on 9 different medications.

Prosecutors had some questions about drugs. Jodi admitted her son smoked pot but said she didn’t consider it abuse. Heck, she even smoked it with him.

The defense will call more witnesses Wednesday as they try to convince a jury that Eddie Ray Routh didn’t know right from wrong when he committed murder.

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