Looking for Action: Obama Approval Rating On ISIS Slides

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WASHINGTON, DC – New secretary of defense Ashton Carter stepped out of the Washington cold and into the Pentagon hot seat, starting his job just as a new CNN-ORC poll suggests most Americans want President Obama to turn up the heat against international terrorists like ISIS.

Fifty-seven percent of those polled say they disapprove of the way the president is handling ISIS, while slightly fewer, 54% also don`t like his approach to terrorism, in general.

And, even though 58% of those responding believe US military action against ISIS is going badly, 55% do not think it`s a good idea to send US ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

But despite the majority saying they are against sending ground troops to fight ISIS, more than three-fourths, 78% want Congress to give the president the authority to continue using military force against the terror group.

ISIS leaders aren`t going to lose their heads over an opinion poll, but it`s a sure thing that others will lose theirs until ISIS is put down.

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