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Study: HPV Vaccine Is Not Making Teens Have More Sex

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NORTH TEXAS -- It looks like the theory that HPV vaccinations will lead to teen promiscuity has finally been put to bed.

Yeah, turns out a study from Jama Internal Medicine concludes that HPV shots do not encourage teen girls to have un-protected sex.

Researchers say other sexually transmitted infections, like herpes and gonorrhea, actually increased at the same pace in vaccinated and un-vaccinated girls.

Interesting; all this time, some parents feared getting the shot might encourage their teens to throw safe sex out the window. Even SNL took a funny shot at kids getting the shot.

So, did all of this affect how many teens got the shot?

Well, the most recent stats show only 38% of girls and 14% percent of boys ages 13 to 17 received all three of the HPV shots recommended by the CDC.

At one point, Rick Perry said he regretted not making HPV vaccinations mandatory for all grade school students.

All jokes aside ‘rents:  when it comes to HPV, it looks like it`s better to be safe than sorry.

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