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Southern Chill: Wintry Mix Expected To Hit North Texas

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NORTH TEXAS -- Don`t bust out the flip-flops and short-shorts just yet. This week`s weather forecast calls for a bitter cold blast, and it's already coming our way.

Hey, Puxsutawney Phil did warn us. It was kind of hard to believe since North Texas has been feeling some unseasonably warm weather lately.

Don't get too used to the warm sun, our temps are about to take a dip into the 40's and showers are also on tap.

Get this:  we're expecting a wintry mix late Monday night into Tuesday. Hope you didn't box up your winter clothes.

But should we really be complaining about how chilly things will get? People in the Northeast haven’t caught a break all season.

Boston`s brutal winter has already set records with over 45 ½ inches of snow, and that`s just for this month.

So, when you're missing this warm, spring-like, southern comfort, remember, things could be a lot worse.

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