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Eastern Rhythm: Japanese Taiko Performers Wow Dallas

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DALLAS -- Their sound is uniquely eastern and the rhythm is reflective of their culture.  Kodo is a Japanese performance group, skilled in taiko, the traditional Japanese drum.

The group has been wowing the world with their masterful music since 1981. They’ve taken their unique beat to 47 countries with more than 3,700 performances.

On Sunday, Kodo stopped in Dallas as part of its North American tour. So, how difficult is it to play the taiko in front of thousands?

“It’s easy to play it,” Eri Uchida, Kodo member said.

“Making sound is easy, you know; when you hit, it makes sound. But playing on stage, it’s really challenging physically and mentally.”

‘Kodo’ has a dual meaning in Japanese. The first definition is ‘heartbeat,' and this is something that the group fully embraces.

“The sound of a taiko is the universal language,” Uchida explained. "It’s similar to a mother’s heartbeat when a child is in the womb.”

The second definition is “children of the drum," and these performers are certainly children of an ancient musical art form, thousands of years in the making.

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