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Don’t Cost A Thing: True Value of V-Day Gifts

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NORTH TEXAS -- Like J.Lo once sang,  “My love don’t cost a thing…” But, what about on Valentine’s Day?

Pretty sure ‘Jenny from the block’ has fallen for the cliché dozen roses or blinged out ring … or two!

Even the love experts over at say Americans will dish out $18.9B a year on Valentine’s Day-related expenses, just so they can show how fat their wallets, err, hearts are.

But, sometimes, it`s not about how much you spend. Surprisingly, those gift cards, expensive lingerie and hotel stays won`t truly warm the heart for some.

"I like the time that it takes to put into a gift,” Melissa Rodriguez said. “I really like a letter, or maybe a recorded CD with my favorite music.”

“A thoughtful gift… especially from the heart,” Lee Rodriguez added. “That means a lot for somebody to receive that from another person.”

“A thoughtful gift is actually just spending time with me,” Jennifer Rich said.

So, to all you love birdies out there: maybe it`s not all about the cash, sometimes it`s the thought that's the true value.

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