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Community Cat: Bobcat Spotted in Plano Neighborhood

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PLANO, TX -- Let’s be honest – no one really cares for unexpected visitors who just drop-in; just ask folks living near Steeple Chase Park in Plano.

"There’s been a bobcat in the neighborhood; lots of neighbors have been taking pictures and video," resident Olivia Salinas explained. "Yesterday morning, I actually saw it on our neighbor’s, across the street fence. He was hunting a little squirrel.”

That’s right, a bobcat has been on the prowl in this community. Olivia Salinas has the video to prove it. “It is a little concerning; we have an outdoor playground for our daughter and she can go out there every now and then. So, it does make me nervous.”

"This little wooded area over there – a lot of kids run in and play and if that’s where it’s living, it might be protective,  and I would hate to see any kids get hurt.”

Hey, neither do we. Here’s hoping this cat is family-friendly.

"I want the city to do whatever it needs to do to take care of it,” Salinas said.

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