I Woof You: Dallas Cop Saves Dog in Time for V-day

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DALLAS-No bones about it, looks like love really is in the air, especially for these two.

Dallas P.D. officer John Rogers was called out to 1-35 North after reports of a dog huddled on the shoulder of the fast lane.

"She was kind of curled up next to a drain, I pulled over turned my lights on and tried to see if she'd come to me," said Rogers.

Sure enough, this beauty hopped right into his squad car. It didn't take long for Rogers to win this girl's heart.

"I kinda realized that she was being sweet and being a good dog in the back seat so I stopped and got her some food at the Walgreens," he said.

Hey, it's no T-bone steak but we don't think this sweet pup had any objections. The impromptu date night ended when Rogers dropped off the pooch at Dallas Animal Services.

She'll stay at the shelter for the next few days and if no one claims her, Rogers says he'll take her home.

After all, you can't deny a love match!

“We named her laurel after Laurel Ann Road, I know that’s kinda crazy but I think we're gonna change it to Val for Valentine’s, my wife kinda liked that a little better," said Rogers.

Ah, nothing like a little puppy love to set your heart a flutter this Valentine’s Day!

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