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Simon Says: Who’s Happy Brian Williams Is In Trouble?

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No one likes a liar — and that’s why Brian Williams is likely not smiling these days, but I have to believe someone else is.

Bill Cosby must have felt like he had a Pudding Pop when the Williams scandal broke because he feels like the spotlight went from him to Williams.

It happens all the time, someone or something is ‘the story’ of the moment and then BAM! They’re replaced.

Last summer, the New York tabloids were all over John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neil’s son getting busted. The spotlight shifted the next day.

NYP Covers

It seemed a lot of people were talking about Tiger Woods’ balls and his new girlfriend about two years ago. The spotlight shifted the next day to the Boston Marathon.

Tiger Woods Boston Marathon

And on September 10, 2001 all we cared about was a California congressman and his missing intern. We didn’t hear much about that the day after. That talk disappeared the next day when we lost so much.

Intern 911

This shifty spotlight thing made me realize consuming news is like sitting at a Brazilian steak house — the beef keeps coming and coming, but you can’t remember what you just ate.

It always seems the flavor of the moment never lasts that long, or at least, acts as a placeholder until something really important happens.

Accept it. That shifting spotlight thing isn’t going away anytime soon in this 24/7 feed, the beast news cycle that caters to anyone with ADD.

And that is a fact even he can’t believe.

NYPost Williams

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