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Flower Power: Shop Preps For Biggest Day of the Year

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ADDISON -- Okay, this is for all you last-minute cupids. The big day is just around the corner -- as if you needed a reminder.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for folks in the flower biz. Guess you could say their business really blooms this time of year.

“They'll fly through here to get flowers to take home, a lot of people picking up tomorrow and Saturday,” said Sheila Johnson Owner of Floral Concepts in Addison.

Did you catch that "Mr. I'll just wait until the 14th and stop by the shop to pick up a bouquet?"

“Yes there have been quite a few of those, where people will knock on the door. 'Do you have any flowers? what can I get?' And they're real confused sometimes on what they should be getting and so we try to help people out,” Johnson said.

Chuck Roundtree who works as seasonal help for Floral Concepts said, “When you get to those last minutes, you pretty much know that you're going to have to rise to the occasion.”

Long-time customer Jesse Pruitt hasn’t missed the mark in about 10 years. “Valentine's, birthdays and anything like that. I know she's going to be here to help me.”

Help? Yes. Miracle worker? Maybe not so much. Bottom line folks, the longer you wait, the fewer your options.

“It's one of those that you have a lot of flowers out there, and the next thing you have a few flowers in a bucket,” said Johnson

Our advice? Don't be that guy. It could be one apology that might require more than just a flower power arrangement.

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