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Lost Trust: Is ‘Lyin’ Brian’ Hurting Public’s Trust of the Media

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NORTH TEXAS -- So, it officially begins -- NBC Nightly News aired Monday without veteran anchor Brian Williams.

Looks like `Lyin` Brian` didn`t misremember that he was going to be off air for "several days." Colleague Lester Holt has taken the helm now that Williams` reporting has come under fire; which, ironically isn`t what happened to him back in 2003 while he was in a chinook.

Yeah, it hasn`t been easy for the embattled anchor since news of his embellished experience in Iraq has been exposed. Guess it`s just another blow to broadcasters. Can you say Dan Rather?

As in CBS' `Dan Rather step down than face embarrassment for wrong information he reported back in 2004.

Hey, we get it - we`re the ones you`re supposed to trust with getting it right...right? Well, The Daily News just reported stats generated by The Reputation Institute. Yes, there`s such a place.

Their study showed, in 2014, the collective reputation for the media was at the bottom of the barrel. The media ranked just one notch higher than big banks. Ouch!

So, is it any wonder why, especially considering what's going on with Williams? Not to mention other reporting inconsistencies have surfaced, and folks are starting to talk.

"All the bloggers and all the others who are already investigating Brian Williams are going to be investigating for other places where he has misspoken or exaggerated -- not for other places where he's done great journalism," Frank Sesno, Director, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs said.

There's no telling if Williams' break will lead to a break-up with NBC. Looks like we'll just have to wait and tune in.

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