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Dream On: Questions Surround Plans for $3.5 Billion Ft Worth Theme Park

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FT. WORTH -- Is the world’s largest theme park about to go up in our backyard? Well, the folks over at the DreamVision company are planning on it!

“We are extremely grateful to reveal our conceptual plans for DreamVision Mountain Dreamscape Texas,” DreamVision CEO Rick Silanskas announced on Monday. “With a cost of approximately $3.5 billion, the resort will be situated on approximately 5,000 acres with a target opening in the year 2020.”

This is where the questions start to pop up -- like who’s paying for all this?

Silanskas announced a partnership with a group called Provident Global Capital. We wanted to find out more about this group, but their website is a little… well… sparse.

Silanskas has also had some past troubles. His former company, DreamVision Studios, was sued by Telesis Community Credit Union and Bank of America back in 2009 for defaulting on promissory notes.

He dismissed the lawsuits, saying they “were personal disputes” that “have nothing to do with DreamVision.”

So where exactly would this super park even be? DreamVision says they have a location picked out. They’re just not telling us where that is yet.

Even Ft. Worth Mayor Betsy Price is in the dark. When asked if she knew where the park would be built she said she did not.

“I know a couple of places that they’ve looked at but I don’t know what they’ve settled on yet,” Mayor Price said after the presser.

So with a lot more questions than answers. DreamVision Mountain is looking a whole lot more like a Mystery Mountain.

Guess we’ll see in 2020 whether there’s as ribbon cutting... or not.

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