Parents’ Plea: Family of Kayla Mueller Want Answers from ISIS

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PRESCOTT, AZ -- A 26-year-old Arizona humanitarian has been held captive by the terror group, ISIS, since 2013. Now, the group is saying Kayla Mueller died in an airstrike.

In the streets of Prescott, Mueller's name drifts through the murmur of concerned conversation.

"We always think if its not touching us. It's over there. It's somewhere else. It's not about us. Now, it's about us," Beverly Hinton.

Mueller is a local hero, a philanthropist. She's worked humanitarian mission in Israel, India and Palestine; helped refugees in Africa. But, in August 2013, she disappeared while working for doctors without borders in the war-torn country of Syria; captured by the terror group, ISIS.

Now, ISIS is claiming Kayla was killed in a Jordanian air raid.

"One of those folks that looks for the good in everything, and in that vein, she goes ahead and tries to look for god-center with the way she lives and acts in her day to day life. So, that's what put her into this position," family friend Todd Geiler said.

Guiler is a family friend to Kayla and her family, Marsha and Carl Mueller. Understandably, they have not wanted to speak to media since the latest isis claim. The road to their home blocked off by deputies for most of the day.

"They're a good group of folks that don't ask much from other people. But at this point and time, they're kinda asking for a little bit of privacy as they go on ahead through difficult period," Guiler said.

Not every one believes ISIS claim of Kayla's death. Some believe it's more propaghanda from a group based on fear and intimidation.

In fact, the airstrike they are claiming killed Kayla was in retailiation for the gruesome propaghanda video showing the execution of a captive Jordanian pilot; so many are holding on to hope.

"I think right now what they need more than anything are some prayers."

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