Mexico Mystery: 60 Bodies Found in Acapulco

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ACAPULCO, MX -- Authorities found the bodies inside an abandoned crematorium located on the outskirts of the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco.

According to the Guerrero State's attorney's office, there were 60 bodies inside belonging to women, men and children. Some of the bodies of undetermined age were perfectly embalmed and ready for cremation.

Officials say neighbors called police after noticing a foul smell coming from the crematorium. The building had been abandoned for about a year, according to nearby residents. reports police first found a pile of 40 bodies in a cremation room. A second pile with the rest of the bodies was located in an adjacent cremation room. Acapulco is located in Guerrero State.

Back in September, 43 students from a rural teachers' college disappeared in Iguala, a city located in the same state. Right now, there's no indication the crematorium discovery is connected and the authorities already have an explanation for the missing students.

After four months of investigation, Mexican officials concluded in late January the students were abducted, executed, burned in a landfill and the remains tossed into a nearby river. The remains of only one student have been identified.

But, their parents say they don't believe the authorities version of the story and have continued to protest because they say they want the truth. A group of parents and sympathizers marched on the highway connecting Mexico City and Acapulco Thursday, blocking traffic for hours.

Even though there's no indication the bodies found in Acapulco are related in any way to the disappearance of the students. The discovery is already fueling speculation.

Dozens of bodies have been found in Guerrero in the last few months and authorities have yet to identify most of them.

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