Haunted Love: Dark Hour Takes On Valentine’s Day

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PLANO, TX -- Valentine’s Day is one week away. So, you can shell out $80 for tiny portions of French food and watch a sappy chick-flick, or you could get the living daylights scared out of you!

Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano has scared up a special treat for all you lovers out there. The venue's Love Is Blind show is opening February 13th and runs through Valentine's weekend. There’s a special twist to this show, though.

“For Love is Blind, we play some tricks on you,” Jake Farmer, Assistant Director of the show, said. “Most of the experience is in complete darkness and you have to navigate with just a glow stick.”

Hey, for all you lonely hearts out there celebrating Singles Awareness Day, they haven’t forgotten about you!

“Sunday night is our special singled out event where if you come that night, you actually get to be singled out, and go through the haunt, by yourself, in the dark… good luck!”

Yeah no thanks. So, what you won’t see is if you dare enter Dark Hour, is its backstage looks less like a haunted house, and more like a movie warehouse.

“We have a costuming department of about three people and of course our creative director has a background in costuming he gets involved off an on, kind of keeps all the projects on track,” Farmer said.

“There’s always new stuff being made in here, in house. We make our own prosthetics, we make our own masks, we work in silicon foam, latex, you name it.”

This aren’t dollar store masks and bedsheets with holes in them, folks.  So, hold that special someone close, try to peer through the darkness, and be careful, because that's not cupid hiding behind the corner.

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