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Dead Stores? First Radio Shack, Now More Companies at Risk

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FORT WORTH, TX --  Businesses can be here today and gone tomorrow. Case in point, Radio Shack. If you haven't heard, the 94-year-old Fort Worth-based company just declared bankruptcy.


"That's really disheartening because we've been doing business with them since I was a little kid," one shopper said.

Hey, this isn't a big surprise, folks. Last year, TIME magazine predicted it was just a matter of time before RadioShack ran out of dough.

So say 'Bye bye' to your beloved shack -- and its one-of-a-kind widgets.

But check out the other businesses they said were rapidly disappearing. Companies like TCBY. When's the last time you bought frozen yogurt there?

Also on the dirty dozen hit list, Albertson's, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Barnes & Noble, Sears, Staples, and Toys R Us.


Okay, so they were right about Radio Shack. But Staples saved itself and just bought Office Depot -- and Albertson's is eating Tom Thumb.

All the other companies seem to be hanging on, for now at least.

Three years ago, folks were predicting Fort Worth-based American Airlines was crashing when it came to making money, but now they're flying high pretty frequently.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you can't see the future.

But, just in case, stock up on all the stuff you can't live without -- and pray your favorite store doesn't go belly up.


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