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Take a Shot: Parents of Kids With Autism Still Leery of Vaccines

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IRVING, TX — Measles are on the minds of a lot of folks right now. In Chicago, they’ve got a case of measles-mania in one daycare where five babies are infected; all are too young to be vaccinated.

The debate over whether or not to get your kids the shot got a shot in the arm when the advocacy group Autism Speaks came out with a strong statement urging parents to vaccinate. The debate hits home at places like the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Kids in Las Colinas.

“Every parent asks the same question: ‘Should I vaccinate, or should I not?'” Tracy Bender said.

Kiddos at this center are dealing with a wide range of autism and other developmental disorders. The big question for parents is — was any of this caused by vaccinating their kids?

“We do have parents who say, without a doubt, they really believe that their child was affected by the vaccine,” Bender said.

Studies have debunked the link between autism and vaccinations, but Bender says parents here are still struggling for answers.

“I think it’s a hot topic because it’s a big topic and we’re desperately looking for the causation of this,” Bender said.


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