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Where’s the Beef? Proof Texans Will Do Anything for BBQ

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SAN ANTONIO -- It's no secret: Texans love their barbecue. Some folks love it so much, they're willing to steal it! Not one, but three BBQ joints in San Antonio have been burglarized in the past month, hit up for hundreds of pounds of brisket.

Holy smokes!

One of the owners even got a quick glimpse of the 'Brisket Bandit' on security video. Talk about being lost in the sauce!

This crime spree might be due to the recent spike in brisket prices; we're talking over 50% higher, folks. That's enough to turn a true Texan into a beef thief.

If you need more proof that Texans loooooooove their 'cue, remember a couple of summers ago when someone was bold enough to steal a smoker from the Dallas Police Association? Whoa. Stealing from cops, people!

If you're looking for a super smoker, check out the 'Undisputable Cuz.' The owners claim it's the biggest smoker in the world, at 80,000 lbs. and 75-feet long, with 24 doors. No bull! And it can be yours... for just $350,000!


Here's staying true... to the 'cue.


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