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What Women Want: Dudes Get it Wrong with Valentine’s Gifts

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NORTH TEXAS -- Ah, Valentine’s Day – a holiday designated to express your undying devotion and eternal love. Otherwise known as S.A.D. -- Single Awareness Day.

Okay, we’ve digressed…but honestly folks, the holiday isn’t all cupids and conversation hearts. Don’t believe us? Well, then – get a load of this box of chocolate covered surprises.

A new survey generated by the online dating site,, says when it comes to expressions of the heart, men apparently are doing it wrong. We’re talking wrong by 86%, folks.

Yeah, looks like the survey 50 States of Gifts fell way short of the 50 Shades of Grey fantasy. The study looked at the most popular gifts men give on Valentine's, versus what women really want.

Turns out, Texas chicks prefer bling over buds, but that’s what the dudes are buying.  That also seems to be the case in Cali.

Looks like guys are all over the map when it comes to flowers, and according to these stats – guys with bulging bank accounts still prefered to buy gifts that come in a vase, over gifts in a case.

Lesson here ladies: if you want a man who really knows what you want, move to New Jersey, Vermont, Minnesota or Mississippi – those are just some of the states where men actually got it right.

Hey, who says money can’t buy you love?

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