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Saved By the Bell Reunion: The Real Reason Lisa & Screech Didn’t Show Up

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Saved by the Bell

LOS ANGELES — All the ’90s kids are reminiscing this #TBT after Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater, Jessie Spano and Mr. Belding reunited for an EPIC “Tonight Show” sketch with Jimmy Fallon.

But we’re all asking — where the heck is Screech? And Lisa Turtle?!

Well, Lark Voorhies’ rep says she wanted to suit up in her ’90s gear, but she just couldn’t make it due to her busy work schedule.

Uhhh… when a BIG “Bell” reunion happens, you make it!

Lark has made a few public appearances in the past couple of years and she looks nothing like the Lisa Turtle we remember. She’s been getting slammed for her odd appearance — really bad makeup and clothes.

lisa turtle then and now

screech mugshot

As for Screech, well, we’re sure you can blame Dustin Diamond’s legal troubles for him being M.I.A. Dustin is accused of stabbing a man during a bar fight.

Did we mention it was caught on camera? Dang.

Sorry Screech, the bell couldn’t save you this time.

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