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Open Carry Threat? ‘Punishable by Death’ Video Slams Lawmakers

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NORTH TEXAS -- Open Carry Tarrant County is involved in some controversy again. This time from a video that founder Kory Watkins posted onto the web that some saw as threatening.

“I don’t know if they forgot what their duty is,” Watkins said in the video, referring to lawmakers. “But it’s to protect the Constitution and let me remind you, going against the Constitution is treason. And my friend that is punishable by death.”

Later in the four-minute video Watkins said, “They better start giving us our rights or else the peaceful non-cooperation stuff is gonna get gamed up. We’re gonna step it up a notch.”

The video got almost immediate feedback, leading to quick action.

“He pulled it down immediately. Other people have grabbed onto it, but he’s effectively apologized,” said Warren Norred, an attorney who is representing Open Carry Tarrant County in a lawsuit against the City of Arlington.“He’s said look I didn’t realize people would take that, that stepping it up one more step meant something dangerous.”

Still, there’s a lot of blowback from the video, including some from Watkins’ own side.

CJ Grisham, the president of Open Carry Texas which is unaffiliated with Open Carry Tarrant County, lambasted Watkins on Facebook, saying he is killing Open Carry’s momentum at the state capitol.

Well, he must not be killing it much. Two bills have been introduced into the senate that would allow Open Carry of handguns in Texas.

“We’re very excited. We have a dozen gun bills in place right now and they’re working their way through. And we believe we’re going to get Open Carry this session,” said Murdoch Pizgatti, the Founder and President of Come And Take It Texas.

They’ve even set a date for their victory lap in this long debate.

“We have a big event planned September 1st at midnight to celebrate the new laws coming into effect here in Texas.”

Well ,we’ll just have to wait and see. There’s probably plenty of ammo left on both sides in this debate.

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