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Cut & Shame: Georgia Barber Gives Bad Haircuts to Naughty Kids

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DALLAS, Texas— What do you do to discipline a naughty kid? Grounding? A spanking? (Got to be careful about corporal punishment these days…) Well, a little time out wasn’t enough for one Georgia parent who took this 10-year-old... to the barber shop??

Some call it the Benjamin Button Special at A-1 Kutz near Atlanta. It resembles a balding man’s hairdo. You know, like George Jefferson. Ha!

“Okay, it’s kind of hilarious looking,” Shawn White at Brass Tacks Barber Shop said.

“I instantly liked it,” Sylvester Taylor at Taylor Made Kutz said.

Yikes…T alk about a receding hair line situation.

“Somebody tagged me in the picture because they knew I was going to like it,” Taylor added.

But some barbers in DFW are split over the cut.

“I feel like that was pretty good because some of these kids are very disobedient,” Tona Yarbrough at $10 Haircuts in Arlington added.

“I would do it for free right now,” Taylor said.

“The haircut is funny, but humiliating kids is never funny,” Juke Higgins at Brass Tacks said. “I would rather traumatize them than have them in the penitentiary,”

“If your kid is acting up, take ‘em to church, put ‘em to work. Hard work does better for their character than humiliation,” White said.

“Since they want to act grown, we’re going to treat them like they’re grown. Pretty sure they won’t act up anymore,” Yarbrough mentioned.

“Personally, I don’t think haircuts should ever be used as punishment.  That being said, the guy did a heck of a job,” Higgins smiled.

Guess it’s all hair under the bridge now.  He said ‘he’s learned his lesson.’ Rusty Fred at A-1 gave him a new ‘do, and yes, all his hair grew back.

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