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American Jurors: Seeing Chris Kyle’s Movie Won’t Keep You Off the Jury

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STEPHENVILLE, Texas--Have you seen American Sniper, or read the book?

Millions of people have.

You might think knowing that much about Chris Kyle's life might disqualify you from serving on the jury at the trial of the man accused of killing him and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Not so much.

The judge says just seeing the movie or reading the book won't get you kicked off the jury for Eddie Ray Routh's murder trial.

But you will get booted if you've already made up your mind.

"It seemed to me that he's guilty and I don't really buy the insanity position of that." Chris Conway said outside the Erath County Courthouse on Thursday. He was dismissed after expressing that sentiment in court.

The court sent notices to a few hundred Erath County residents to appear for jury selection Thursday.

Only a few dozen actually showed up. A few were soon turned away.

A Vietnam vet told the judge he's currently being treated for post traumatic stress disorder.

"I didn't think I was really qualified to handle this case," Joe McCartney said. Apparently the judge agreed.

The trial of Eddie Ray Roth is the biggest thing going on in Stephenville--maybe *ever.*

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"I would like people to see Stephenville as a fair place that doesn't discriminate against anybody," Stephenville resident Wesley Fuller said.

"I'm hoping the trial turns out safe more than anything else," Jim Shelby said.

Security's tight at the courthouse. Streets are blocked off and dogs were sniffing around the building and nearby vehicles.

The 14 people who get picked to be jurors and alternates are expected to be here for a couple of weeks. But Stephenville will be talking about the trial for much longer.

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