This’ll Get Your Goat: Gov. Study Reveals Texas is Full of Goats

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TEXAS--You know, we Americans really love goats.

We pet them at zoos, we cheer them on during a stampede and we listen to them sing, whether they're on key or not. (That'll make a LOT more sense if you watch the video.)

Apparently, sheep love them, too. A geep--half-goat, half sheep--was born last year at an Arizona petting zoo.

So with all this goat lovin' goin' on,---
strike that...

Since we like goats, apparently someone thinks it's important for us to know where the nearest goat is at all times.

And by someone, we mean the U.S. government, who always gets our goat. The Department of Agriculture did a goat census and the Washington Post plotted them all on a map. All 2.6 million of 'em. In parts of central and southwest Texas, goats outnumber people by as much as 22 to one!

So many of 'em are in Texas because of the other place we like goats--ON THE MENU!

80% of America's goats are raised for meat.

16% are raised for milk.

Apparently the rest are here just for our amusement.