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Super Sick: Millions Late, Miss Work Day After Super Bowl

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DALLAS, TX -- If your office looked lonely today,  you're not alone. In fact, some folks call the day after Super Bowl Sunday, 'Lost Productivity Monday.'

"Perfect weather to call in, yeah. It's cold today," friends Andres Almaraz, Laura Gonzalez and Jovany Garduno said.

According to one study, some of the (ahem) festivities during the big game causes 4.4 million folks to get to work late; and 1.5 million don't make it there at all.

But, what about the folks who use those sick days when they're...well...not so sick?

"It's not every day that, you know, you have a Super Bowl, so if they did use it, that's good," Garduno said.

"But, the Super Bowl ended early, so, it wasn't even that late," Gonzalez laughed.

"It was the after party," Almaraz mentioned.

"I never take advantage of my sick days...I'm probably a little judgmental of people who do that," Jennifer Curiel mentioned.

"I can't pass judgment because I've called in a couple times after Sunday," Phillip Curiel said.

"There's four or five times a year where you see a lot of absenteeism.  The day after the Super Bowl, during Christmas Vacations, New Years, hunting season," David Torrence, President and CED of Renaissance Executive Forums said.

This workplace culture expert says companies can help boost the number of employees who show up. "I love Super Bowl parties -- the day after, have a lunch. Give out awards."

If you MUST play hooky, here's his advice. "Take a day of vacation; schedule somebody to swap with you - don't lie."

"We always take the day off after Super Bowl. It's a late game. January 1, we put in our vacation day," the Curiels smiled.

Now that's a good call!

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