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Uptown Touchdown: Early Morning Implosion Rocks Uptown Neighborhood

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DALLAS -- If you weren't up at 8 am Sunday and near Uptown Dallas, then you probably missed out on one of the biggest pre-parties for the biggest game of the year!

"We got up very early. We had our clothes laid out we were ready to rock and roll!"

"It was pretty mind blowing … the ground was shaking it was pretty incredible!"

Okay, so this wasn't exactly planned as a Super Bowl pre-show, but it was certainly a show-down.

And with a push of a button, the old Xerox building came crashing down. Step 1: demo phase, check!

“We had a perfect job here this morning,” said a worker tied to the demolition process.

Step 2: make room for the proposed Sam’s Club.

So who's set to clean up this aftermath?

“All the iron will be taken to the scrapyards and recycled and all the concrete is turned into rock like what you're standing on now."

Well, now that things have settled down… people around there can enjoy the game!

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