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Dallas Hospital Hits Milestone With 200th Heart Transplant

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DALLAS -- "It`s been really rough because ever since Geonni was born he had to go straight to the hospital," Desiree Villalobos, Geonni Garcia's Mother, said.

Five-month-old Geonni was born with congenital heart disease with only one ventricle working in his heart instead of two.

"He`s been on the heart transplant list since November, and a lot of babies unfortunately don`t always get a donor heart," Dr. Kristine Guleserian, Surgical Director of the Heart Transplant Program at Children's Health in Dallas said.

But,  fortunately Geonni was on the list at Children's Health in Dallas.

"We were very lucky on a early friday morning to get a phone call about a donor heart that was perfect for this little guy," Dr. Guleserian said.

Geonni went into surgery Friday night and had his new heart by Saturday Morning.

"So far he has done really well," Dr. Guleserian explains.  "We`re excited about his post op recovery. When you get to see him smiling you`ll agree with me he`s one of the cutest little guys you`ll ever see."

Geonni's surgery is a milestone for the hospital -- the 200th heart transplant and makes Children's Health the only hospital in Texas to perform over 1,500 pediatric solid-organ transplants.

"It was a landmark in our program," Dr. Guleserian said.

Hey, when it comes to transplants this is the place to be.

"They`re a really good staff," Villalobos said.  "We love everyone. Everyone treats us like family."

Once Geonni recovers, he will finally get to say goodbye to hospitals and hello to his 3 year old brother for the first time.

"I anticipate that he`s gonna have as normal as a life as possible down the road," Dr. Guleserian said.

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