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Boob Tube Binge: Study Links Marathon TV Viewing to Depression

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DALLAS, TX -- C’mon, let’s be honest – we’re all guilty of doing it.

You know, sitting hours in front of the TV, devouring a full season’s worth of episodes in a single sitting. Sound familiar?

Well, you might want to hit pause and tune into this interesting bit of info. A new study from the University of Texas finds binge watching could actually be bad for you.

Get this -- UT researchers studied more than 300-folks between 18 to 29 and found a link between marathon TV sessions and depression and loneliness. What’s more, the number nerds say the more lonely and depressed the people were, the more they would binge watch.

Hey, could this be true?

"If someone’s already watching by themselves, they may already be lonely and depressed; they feel down," Hector Hernandez said. "So, they watch it to make themselves feel better.”

"I binge watch TV sometimes, but I’m not lonely or depressed – I just like a certain show," John James added. "Sometimes, I like old TV programs and I just like to watch it all the way through.”

"No, I think most people watch TV because they want to relax and enjoy TV, I know I do,” Keshia Lynch said.

Well, maybe all binging isn’t bad…in moderation, that is.

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