Brady Bites: QB’s Winning Secret to A Healthy Diet

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GLENDALE, AZ -- So what`s the secret behind the Patriot's leading man's… super-abilities?!

Nope, we`re tunin' out that whole deflate-gate thing...

But there is one thing this man does keep near perfect...

“What Tom Brady is trying to do, is slow down that aging process” explained NFL  Analyst, Elliot Harrison.

"He started working on not only with his health routine, but stuff he had been doing dietary wise."

Yeah, word is, Brady is one mean green dieting machine and when wifey looks like this...


Does he really have a choice?

No, but really people, if you`re looking for a meal plan to step your dieting game up a notch...

We Present: The Tom Brady Diet …

Docs say this ball player`s food choice is outlined by the seasons of the year!

For example: to keep warm and alert during the colder months Brady  sticks to the warmer foods like red meats, salmon, and seeds.

In the summer, he passes the heat and goes cold with salads and raw treats.

Hmmm... Haven't quite caught on yet? What if we told you that this diet can keep you from getting sick and slow down the aging process!

“The Tom Brady diet is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic”, explained Registered Dietician, Sarah Mirkin.

“It`s a very healthy diet, but it`s not supported by science.”

Yeah, the QB himself claims this holistic approach is “to maintain balance and harmony through my metabolic system."

So now that you`ve gotten the play by play, you're ready to tackle this whole Tom Brady Diet  thing, right?

Ok, ok...go ahead and finish that last hot wing!