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Sex Pot Spray: Better Intimacy for Women?

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DENVER--We've all heard of the little blue pill for men. But what about women?

One of the states that brought you legalized marijuana is offering up an even better Rocky Mountain high for women.

"We've had so many products on the market to address males sexual function and enhancement and this is really the first thing coming out saying 'we want to have something that's active that works for women.' Everyone deserves pleasure, " said Anna Walters. She works for the company that makes the new product.

It's called Foria. As in Euphoria. As in... this stuffs made from the plant that brings us marijuana.

Women are told to spray Foria on their lady parts half an hour before sex.
But does it really do anything?

"The answer from thousands of woman so far in California is yes, oh Yes!" Walters said.

Yeah, California woman have been test driving Foria for 9 months. Trouble is, in the Golden State, you have to have a medical marijuana card and a prescription to get it. In Colorado, anyone 21 or older can buy a 10 milliliter bottle for $44 or a 30 milliliter bottle for $88.

"You know,I think it's time I try something new and exciting and I think my husband will be very excited as well," customer Nancy Mayer said.

The formula's a mix of cannabis oil and coconut oil, so you can expect lower-cost versions to be pop up quickly.

Hey, at least women get the cheaper generic this time. That's more than you can say for some men's little blue best friend.

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